PUBG Vs Free Fire‘ is the biggest debate that is going on between online gamers. Both games have millions of users following. Those who play PUBG think Free Fire is a game for kids you can see a lot of social media memes around it. But today I am going to reveal the unsaid harsh truth about the PUBG which might PUBG player will never accept.

  • We did an online survey in which we found 70 percent of PUBG player doesn’t know the full form of PUBG game.

PUBG Full Name
Players Unknown Battle Grounds

I know most of the PUBG players will never accept this but this is the truth. whereas Free fire is a complete name no need of full form.

  • PUBG game is not affordable for a kid or youth who lives in a middle-class family.

Because the latest update of the game sized is reached to 2.4GB which is quite big and according to the government latest report unemployment rate is on the peak which is 23.5 percent now you can imagine buying a phone which will occupy almost 2.5GB of space and high speed of internet connection for PUBG game is very tough. whereas Free Fire Game size is half of the PUBG mobile.

PUBG Game Size
PUBG Game Size is double than Free Fire
  • PUBG game is related to china because the mobile version of the game was developed by Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate. Whereas Garena FreeFire was developed by Sea Ltd, a company that origins from Singapore.

And we all know that India and China relations are not good, they recently attacked us in Galwan valley where we lost our 20 brave soldiers after that Indian Government banned more than 55+ Chinese Apps. Now it up to you are you with the Indian Army or just wanted to Support China by playing the PUBG game.

  • Every Week Free Fire comes up with new game modes.

like last week they launched big head mode, before that week fire steel, etc. whereas PUBG is lacking in this creativity.

Free Fire Big Head
New Game Play Big Head Free Fire
  • In our survey we found that 93 percent online gamers claimed that Free Fire Clash Squad mode is way better than the PUBG clash squad.

    Clash Squad Free Fire
    Clash Squad Free Fire
  • Last but not least this is my personal review, the way player runs in Free fire it feels like genuine but in PUBG it seems like we are watching Sinchan.

I know PUBG players will never accept this but you must accept the reality because you can never run from the truth. after reading this those who will come to my inbox to tell me about the PUBG graphics is much better, please re-read the point number 2.

At last, Techexd wanted to tell all the gamers in my words…

” Game Khelne se kuch hona jana nahi hai Padhai likhai karo IAS WIAS bano Kahe Maa Baap ke Paise Uda rhe ho”



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